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CLASSES > The Rites and Recipes of Marriage

Coming on 1 April 2012…

Why do we celebrate weddings with cake?  What is a medieval “bride ale”?  How should a Renaissance king, a Victorian queen, or a Jazz Age socialite wine and dine wedding guests?  And, according to eighteenth-century sages, what’s the best food to woo your beloved to the altar?  If you’re looking for ways to infuse your own nuptials with a taste of the past or you just want an alternative shower or bachelorette party, this is the class for you.  It’s also for anyone just curious about the mysteries of food and love.  (An alternate baby shower, full of Renaissance advice for pregnant women and Elizabethan revelries for new mothers, is also available.)

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Women, Food, and Politics

A Winter’ Feast

The Rites and Recipes of Marriage (coming 1 April 2012)

Shakespeare’s Flummery and Queen Elizabeth’s Posset (coming 1 April 2012)