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CLASSES > Shakespeare’s Flummery and Queen Elizabeth’s Posset

Imagine a world without caffeine, where beer is for breakfast.  Where salad is forbidden in a healthy diet.  Where royal edict decrees what you can eat according to your status. Where jello is an aristocratic dish.  Where sugar carried a hundred different social meanings and special houses were built just for dessert.  This class gives you a menu from the inauguration feast for the Lord Mayor of Elizabethan London, lets you cook a dish from a Shakespeare play, and offers a taste of the new food fashions never before dreamt of, like exotic sweet potatoes recently arrived from the New World.

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Women, Food, and Politics

A Winter’ Feast

The Rites and Recipes of Marriage (coming 1 April 2012)

Shakespeare’s Flummery and Queen Elizabeth’s Posset (coming 1 April 2012)