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BLOG > Happy St. Wulfstan’s Day

Have all those New Year’s good intentions to eat more vegetables, up the whole grains, or cut fat and sugar already begun to elude you?  Turn your troubles to St. Wulfstan, patron saint of dieters and vegetarians. What’s his story?  In a quasi-mythical nutshell, having allowed himself to be distracted from his religious devotions by the wafting aroma of a nearby roast goose, Wulfstan vowed never to taste meat again.

Which is a good time to mention a site I quite like, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve never really liked much advice about diets and all the craziness it stirs up in people.  Second Helping, however, is like dieting for food enthusiasts.  How to get in shape and get healthy by learning to understand, appreciate, and like food rather than just using it.  And so many excellent stories and personal experiences rather than some dodgy method or other.  Russ Lane: smart founder after big transformations.

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