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RECIPES > Green Tea Ice Cream

Show: Easy Japanesey

The perfect finish to any Asian-inspired meal.

2 teaspoons powdered green tea (see note below)
2 egg whites (see note below)
3/4 cup granulated white sugar
1 cup milk
2 cups whipping cream

Mix 2 packets of powdered green tea with 1/4 cup boiling water. Stir well to dissolve. Refrigerate until well chilled.

With an electric mixer, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. In a separate bowl, whisk together sugar, milk, cream, and liquid green tea. Transfer mixture to ice cream maker. Add egg whites. Process according to manufacturer’s directions. Serve immediately or keep in freezer. (I use Cuisinart’s ice cream maker with a frozen insert, so the egg whites are mixed in as the dasher turns.)

On powdered green tea: If you can’t find powdered green tea, you can use regular tea leaves or tea bags. Steep three green tea bags in 1/3 cup boiling water for 6 minutes. Squeeze bags tightly to extract any additional flavor. Refrigerate this flavor base until well chilled and proceed with rest of recipe.

On using raw eggs: I always use organic eggs from a reputable market in my cooking, so I have little to no worries about salmonella contamination. However, if you don’t have access to good fresh eggs, are pregnant or have health problems, or are worried about using raw eggs for any other reason, you can substitute reconstituted powdered egg whites or “Just Whites.”

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