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This course is perfect a big group love fest on Valentine’s Day or a special birthday celebration for your favorite chocolate god or goddess.

When the Spanish explorer Cortés first arrived in the New World and demanded gold, he was led instead to mountains of cocoa beans.  Or so the story goes.  But true or not, it’s a testament to the value we’ve long invested in chocolate.  For thousands of years Mayans used this black gold as currency at the same time these “coins” were converted into ceremonial drinks for royal banquets and religious rites.

Eat Feed Chocolate cookbookSeventeenth-century Europeans adopted and transformed chocolate, opening fashionable chocolate drinking houses across the continent. And today we delight in everything from mass-produced Halloween candy to the health benefits of high quality dark cocoa.  In this course, guests enter the chocolate houses of Jane Austen’s day, taste original hot chocolate recipes from Renaissance Europe, and uncover the many reasons these pods from Indonesia to Grenada have been dubbed “the food of the gods.”

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