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After the flurry of festivities for Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year, we sometimes fall into a mirthless winter until spring arrives.  Once upon a time, though, people knew not just how to get through January, February, and March, but how to dance, sing, celebrate and FEAST through the dark times and lean months.  Rustic Winter StewBreath new life into your own winter by learning who should make the tamales for Candelaria, how to bake a proper pastry for Icelandic Bolludagur (Bun Day), why you have to eat pancakes before Lent, and how ancient Scots welcomed the return of the sun.  And then when you’ve stuffed yourself, how to call on St. Wulfstan, patron saint of dieters.  By showing you how to make the most of what’s available now with ideas from the past, this class combines the best of food history with a passion for local and seasonal eating.

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A Winter’ Feast

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