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Book Giveaway Round Two

Here’s another chance to win a another copy of Eat Feed Autumn Winter: 30 Ways to Celebrate When the Mercury Drops. (For details: Winter Solstice Book Giveaway.) Leave your thoughts, and on New Year’s Eve, I’ll draw another name.

When it comes to eating, shopping for food, and dining out, what city would you most like to be in during the winter holiday season? Are you drawn to the Christkindl markets of Germany and Austria, Hogmany celebrations in Scotland, Sephardic Hanukkah in North Africa, or all your favorite food shops in Tokyo to pull together an expat feast?

Dream away or tell us about the best experience you’ve already had.

Winter Solstice Winner

Ooops! I got carried away with the Christmas Eve feast and didn’t get to pull names out of a hat. Really — that’s how I do these things. I actually love giving books away but I hate not giving them to everyone, so hat it is. And the first winner is…


It was a nice story, too, so I’ll repeated here again:
When I was a kid, maybe 14 or so, my dad made a cake for my mom’s birthday. He never made desserts; my mom has always been the family pie and dessert maker and dad has always been the great savory cook. He slaved away at this cake and was anxious that it be great for mom. He set it down in front of her, after a lovely birthday meal, and the cake promptly collapsed. My dad swore he would never make another dessert. And he never did. Not until 20 years after that fateful fallen cake, and a few years after I graduated from pastry school – a second career – did I receive an picture emailed to me from dad of four beautiful little tarts he had made for a holiday dinner for my parents and their friends. It was the best holiday greeting ever, knowing that seeing me make desserts, inspired him to try again, after I had built such a cooking life for myself out of respect and admiration for dad!

Incoming email to let her know. And another question and chance to win shortly. I hope you’ll all keep sharing your ideas until I’ve managed my goal of getting everyone a book.

Winter Solstice Book Giveaway

Here at this most excellent juncture midway between the beginning of autumn and the end of winter, the halfway point in my favorite run of months, a short break in the midst of the magical dark nights to welcome the return of the sun, it is the perfect time to start life anew!

Which is exactly what I plan to do after a steady run of difficult losses and big changes that have kept me away from my the work I love.

I’m giving away copies of Eat Feed Autumn Winter to welcome loyal listeners back to the podcast, to celebrate the anniversary of being named best entertaining book by Epicurious, and to get everyone thinking beyond the holidays and on ahead to all the delicious, surprising seasonal food that makes winter my favorite time in the kitchen. Subscribe to the blog or check back from time to time to share your thoughts and see if you’ve won.

Here’s how it works: I’ll be posting fun food questions throughout the season on the blog. Just tap in your witty, whimsical, clever, inspired, nostalgic, and passionate ideas. One respondent for each question wins a book. Easy as that. And I’m pretty flexible about where I’ll ship, too, so don’t worry if you’re in the Antipodes or Antartica.

Of course looking forward often means looking back and celebrating the best of the past. So, my first question is “What is the best food or cooking gift you have ever received?”

(PS. Keep an ear out for a new podcast on fresh ideas about caviar. And plenty more in the new year!)